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March 2020

Online video-link guitar lessons have started:

On PC, Android, iOS and Mac, it will use the free to use
'Zoom' platform.

If you are on using your 'devices' this week
have you tried recording your practising?
This can be beneficial and fun!

Play along tracks are available here:
Beginners' Rock Backing Tracks
and on Spotify, Apple and Google music.
Wishing you all well, please contact me for more details....

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About Us:

Colin Ayres has provided guitar lessons in Somerset schools since 2007
with individual, paired and group of 3 lessons.
Records of the lessons are online on the parents'
login page where you can add comments
for each lesson.

All styles can be covered, including
Classical, Rock, Songs, Making Up Tunes,
Chords, Pop, Nursery Rhymes
Theory, Recording MP3s
and more...

Grades can be followed up to grade 8.
This includes both classical and rock/pop grades,
including Trinity, Rockschool and ABRSM Music Medals.